Florida Man April 19 – Drives Lawn Mower to the Liquor Store


On Florida man April 19, a Florida man in Fort Lauderdale decided his lawn mower was the perfect vehicle for a trip to the liquor store. He was spotted weaving through traffic on a riding mower, much to the amusement and confusion of other drivers. Police stopped him and discovered he had a suspended license and was using the lawn mower as his main mode of transportation. The man was cited for driving with a suspended license and warned about the dangers of using a lawn mower on public roads.

Florida Man April 19 – Tries to Steal Gator from Golf Course Pond

On April 19, a Florida man in Naples attempted to steal an alligator from a golf course pond. Witnesses reported seeing the man wade into the water and wrestle the gator, trying to drag it onto the shore. The commotion drew the attention of golfers and staff, who called authorities. Wildlife officers arrived and safely removed the alligator, while the man was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of an alligator and trespassing.

Florida Man April 19 – Organizes ‘Socially Distant’ Parade with Go-Karts

A Florida man in Miami organized a “socially distant” parade on April 19 using go-karts. In an effort to lift the community’s spirits during a period of social distancing, he and his neighbors paraded through the streets in decorated go-karts, maintaining safe distances from each other. The event was a hit, drawing applause and cheers from those watching from their porches and windows. The local police commended the man for his creativity and for adhering to safety guidelines.

Florida Man April 19 – Tries to Evade Police by Hiding in a Refrigerator

On April 19, a Florida man in Jacksonville attempted to evade arrest by hiding in a refrigerator. Police were executing a search warrant at his home when the man decided to climb into the fridge and close the door behind him. Officers eventually found him after a thorough search of the house. The man was arrested on outstanding warrants and additional charges of resisting arrest. The police had a good laugh about the unusual hiding spot.

Florida Man April 19 – Paints Zebra Stripes on His Horse

On April 19, a Florida man in Ocala decided to paint zebra stripes on his horse as a prank. Inspired by a recent visit to the zoo, he used non-toxic paint to create the illusion of a zebra. He paraded the “zebra” through town, causing a stir and drawing attention from amused passersby. Animal control was called, and after verifying that the paint was safe and non-toxic, they let the man off with a warning and reminded him to consider the welfare of animals in future pranks.

Florida Man April 19 – Hosts World’s Largest Pancake Breakfast

On April 19, a Florida man in Tampa attempted to host the world’s largest pancake breakfast in his backyard. He invited the entire neighborhood, set up multiple grills, and spent hours flipping pancakes. The event attracted a large crowd and even some local news coverage. Although he didn’t break the world record, the event was deemed a success for bringing the community together and providing a morning of fun and food. The man vowed to try again next year, with even more pancakes.

Our Florida Man April 19 Thoughts

Well, that sure was one crazy set of Florida man stories! A lawn mower liquor run, an attempted gator heist, a go-kart parade, hiding in a fridge, a painted horse, and the largest pancake breakfast attempt. Count us impressed!

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Written by Mike Arthur – Super Dad