Florida Man April 12 – Florida Man Jailed After Grenade Goes Off

Florida Man April 12 – Florida Man Jailed After Grenade Goes Off After Catapulting Chaos

On Florida Man April 12 A Florida man was jailed after he catapulted a grenade 300ft in the air for a ‘science experiment’ and the shrapnel injured up to 10 people in the local area.

The Florida man April 12, named Jeff ‘Shorty’ Shortman, was seeing what range of items he could catapult in the air to amuse his friends, and stole a German grenade that his grandfather had brought home from WW2. 

The Grenade quickly exploded and sent shrapnel in all directions, hitting passers by and severely injuring 2 where shrapnel lodged in their skulls.

Police arrived shortly after a call was made, reporting a bang and screaming. The Florida man April 12 was seen fleeing the scene and after a lengthy chase, was apprehended and arrested. 

During the court case, the Florida man was heard sobbing saying he was sorry, however due to the lengthy damages and dangerous nature of the item he used, was sentenced to 24 months in Jail, for grievous bodily harm. 


Florida Man April 12 – Florida Man Eats Prized Kegel Balls Whilst High On Meth

On Florida Man April 12 a Florida man ate a prized kegel ball set that had been used by Barack Obama, whilst high on meth. Reports say the Florida Man thought the kegel ball was a bag of peanuts, and he was apparently attempting to get his protein fix to aid him through his journey on meth before struggling to eat the kegel set.

Perplexed bystanders watched as the Florida Man April 12 was struggling to tear apart the kegel set, and onlookers were horrified as the Florida man screamed ‘why do these peanuts taste like anus?!’

Police officers responded shortly after, and detained the man before he could finish his tasty meal. Shortly after, the police cars back window smashed, and the man was seem climbing out covered in glass shards.

Police quickly began to chase the man as he ran down the freeway, slowly removing all of his clothing items and covering himself in a jar of baby oil that was kept in his back pocket. 

When police officers caught up to the man, they couldn’t keep hold of him due to the amount of baby oil applied, and had to resort to using a taser to bring the man down to justice. 

The man was detained and sentenced to 27 days in county state Jail for resisting arrest and public nudity. 


Florida Man April 12 – Florida Man Millionaire Jailed After Punching Sister Over Turkey Portion

On Florida Man April 12 a man punched his sister because she was given a bigger portion of Turkey for dinner than he was. A fight quickly ensued where the man and woman were pulling at each others hair, punching, kicking, biting and nail scratching before their mother finally broke the fight up.

Police were called after a noise complaint was lodged, and the Florida man was seen holding a gun to his mother and sister, an onlooker told us that they heard the man shout “Try giving me a smaller portion now! I’m the man of the house!”. 

The Florida Man on the 12th April was arrested, and is currently awaiting trial for his crime, reports say the mother and sister have moved into the mansion full time, which sits on the lovely Riverview, Florida. 


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