Florida Man June 22 – Florida Man Runs Over Alligator To Save His Neighbor

On Florida Man June 22 a Florida Man ran over an alligator to save his neighbor, as the alligator was about to devour its meal on the roadside when his neighbor fell asleep on the way home from a bar. Luckily for the sleeping man, the Florida Man June 22 was here to save the day! After seeing the Alligator on his way to his tasty meal, the Florida man quickly got into his car on the 22nd June and drove as fast as he could to save his friends life.

The Florida Man June 22 ran over the alligator, and unfortunately flipped his car which has ended up completely totalled. There is a court case ongoing as to the liability of the crash, as the Florida man ‘Howard Webb’ states that saving his neighbors life should mean that the neighbor pays for the repairs on the car, however his old friend denies that he may have even needed to drive into him.

After a lengthy court case, it was found that the Florida man was liable for his own damages, poor Florida Man.

Florida Man June 22 – Florida Man Shoots Brother in Heated Argument Over Monopoly

On Florida Man June 22 A Florida Man shot his brother in the head after losing a game of monopoly when not being able to afford rent on Regent square. The game started as a friendly game of Monopoly between 2 brothers, the stakes were high when they bet $50 on the winner, but as the game went on for hours, things intensified and unfortunately for one brother, things got too intense for their own good. 

Neighbors called the police shortly after 7:22PM on the night of Florida Man June 22, when gunshots were heard. Friends who lived close by ran over the road to see what was going on, and were distraught at the sight of one of the brothers lying on the floor, blood flowing from the top of his head.

The Florida man was arrested shortly after, and sentenced to 42 years in state prison for his offenses, his mother declined to comment on the situation and was seen to be visibly distraught.

Florida Man June 22 – Florida Man Attacked By Shark, Shoots Shark in Revenge

On Florida Man June 22 a Florida man was attacked by a shark at the beach whilst in a water line for some delicious fatty foods in a stall at water. 

Meet Toby, your quintessential Florida dude—loves surfing, soaking up the sun, and living on the edge. So, one day while he’s out catching waves, bam! A shark comes out of nowhere and takes a bite.

But Toby’s not one to back down. He punches the shark in the nose, like a boss. Then, he grabs his harpoon gun and goes hunting for revenge. And you know what? He finds that shark and shoots it right in the jaw.

Next thing you know, Toby’s hauling the shark back to shore, like a true conqueror. Because in Florida, when a man takes on a shark and wins, it’s just another day in paradise.

Our Florida Man June 22 Thoughts

Blimey Florida man, that’s a crazy set of Florida man June 22 stories. First on June 22nd a man ran over an alligator, then an unsuspecting brother was shot, and then a shark was shot too! That’s too much excitement for us on June 22nd, that’s for sure.

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