Florida Man April 16 – Florida Man First Man To Give Birth In Miami

Florida Man April 16 – Florida Man First Male To Give Birth in Miami

On Florida Man April 16 a man in Florida was the first man to give birth in the sunshine state, after a recent womb implant operation went ahead successfully and an embryo was implanted shortly after. 

9 months after the implantation, the Florida man, named Derek Stanburg successfully gave birth by C section, becoming the first biological man from birth in the world to give birth. 

Questions had been raised throughout the pregnancy as to how the mans body would feed the growing baby. However genius doctors came up with a tube feeding method where they would inject vitamins and minerals directly into the umbilical cord, so the baby would have the highest chance of survival throughout the faux pregnancy. 

The Florida man April 16 gave birth on the morning of the 16th April 2024, and became the first legitimate biological male at birth, so carry and give birth to a healthy baby. 

Congratulations are in order for Derek and his husband Tom, as they welcome their child together. 


Florida Man April 16 – Florida Man Bites Chunk Out Of Police Officer

On Florida Man April 16 a Florida man bit a chunk out of a police officers leg, after the officer attempted to remove him from a shop following a psychotic breakdown. 

The Florida man, named Jonathan Arnoldson, was seen entering the shop to buy cigarettes and alcohol before being refused sale for not having ID with him. The Florida man April 16 proceeded to assault the man behind the counter, and hold the store hostage until he received his cigarettes and bottle of Courvoisier. 

Police arrived at the scene shortly after where the Florida man was holding the man behind the counter hostage, and proceeded to have a sniper shoot the machete out of the Florida man April 16’s hand. 

Once the man was disarmed, officers quickly moved in to detain the Florida man, however one officer received a sizeable bite to the leg, removing part of his calf in the process.

During the trial, the Florida man was heard laughing as he told the officer his leg tasted like fried chicken, unfortunately the laughter did not last long as he was sentenced to 13 years behind bars. 


Florida Man April 16 – Florida Man Caught Carving Name Into Deputy’s Car

On Florida Man April 16 a Florida man was caught carving his name into a deputy’s car, after being dared to do it by his dad. “I bet you’re chicken!” his father allegedly shouted as he approached the vehicle, as onlookers looked on in horror as he began marking the police car. 

The Florida man, named Jimmy Harrison, was caught red handed, what are you doing Florida man April 16?

Shortly after, the arrest was made and unfortunately for the unlucky Florida man he was sent to prison for the crime. 

Oh Florida man, why did you have to listen to your dad?

When the case reached court, it was heard that the Florida man and his dad were known delinquents of the area, and that this wasn’t a first time offense. 

However it was also released that the mans father was in fact a priest at the local church, and because of this he was safe from the law, as God decides who goes to prison and who doesn’t. Because of the father’s position, the son only received a short jail term, thank you Florida dad.


Our Florida Man April 16 Thoughts

Wow, a first male birth, a chunk bitten out of a police officer and a man carving his name into a deputy’s car – that’s one crazy set of Florida man stories! What did Florida man do on your birthday? Check out some of our other articles here.