Florida Man April 15 – Florida Man Caught Selling Organs in Church

Florida Man April 15 – Florida Man Caught Selling Organs at Sunday Service

On Florida Man April 15 a Florida man was caught selling recently dissected human organs at the back of the local Church in Sarasota, FL. 

The Florida man April 15 was a regular church attender, for reasons other than prayer it seemed when he began offering organs to sick church goers. Men were seen speaking inside and outside of the church with the Florida man April 15 before heading to a black Ford transit van, and walking away with packages in blue cooler boxes. 

The Florida man April 15 was noticed by a number of bystanders over months, and people became concerned as a number of church goers began to become seriously ill with kidney failure, lung diseases and needed serious medical interventions. 

Florida police opened an investigation into the church goer, named Barry Riley, and found that the organ sales were linked to a much deeper plot including the disappearances of hundreds of homeless people across the city. 

After a lengthy investigation, it was found that Barry was collecting passed out homeless people, dissecting their organs and discarding their bodies into freshly dug graves around the Church, and selling the organs on for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The police called it the perfect crime, as many attended church to pray for healing, and Barry had the answer in the back of his van. 

Florida Man April 15 – Florida Man Shoots Up Curry House

On Florida Man April 15 an angry Florida man decided to shoot up a curry house as they didn’t sell his favourite Lamb Karahi. 

The Florida man April 15 was seen firing his gun at the kitchen door, discharging his weapon until the clip was empty in anger at the lack of Lamb Karahi in the curry house. 

The Florida man, named Otto Populous, was the previous owner of the site that the curry house is situated on, after his fathers Greek takeaway business had failed due to Covid restrictions. 

Unfortunately for the Florida man 15th April, Otto had let his emotions boil over, and unfortunately shortly after, shot up the kitchen and was pummelled to the ground by the new owner. 

Otto was arrested, and sentenced to 24 months in prison for the discharge of a deadly weapon. 

Florida Man April 15 – Florida Man Moves Into Sea World

On Florida Man April 15 a Florida man was arrested after moving all of his possessions from his home in Tampa Bay to Sea World in an unorthodox move to attempt to escape his wife.

The Florida man April 15 had recently taken employment at Sea World, where he was seen suspiciously bringing in several home items over a number of weeks and storing them near the dolphin feeding stations. 

Shortly after, the Florida man April 15th was seen bringing a sofa bed in, and a mini fridge and eyes were seriously raised when he brought his toothbrush set to work with him the day after. 

Sea world bosses launched an internal investigation into what was going on at the park, and quickly found that the Florida man had set up shop near the dolphins, in a bid to escape his wife. Plans were found to fake his own death by using the dolphins to attack him during a feed, and bus tickets to Mexico to follow. 

After bosses contacted the Florida man’s wife, she quickly turned up to thwart the plan, she was later arrested for domestic violence and the man was able to live peacefully at home for a minimum of 5 years.

Our Florida Man April 15 Thoughts

Wow, a man selling Organs in church, a shot up Curry house and a man moving into sea world without permission, one thing’s for sure – April 15th is a crazy date for the Florida man!

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